In the spirit of Thanksgiving we wanted to share these monumental sculptures from NOLA’s Audubon Park. The massive sculptural art is named “The Travelers” by artist Deborah Masters, installed in 2008 as part of the “Sculptures for New Orleans” a large scale city wide art exhibit.

We wish everyone and theIR families a Happy Thanksgiving



The golden age of NOLA during the 1800s saw a growth in wealth and population. With this growth came new residents such as Samuel Hermann, who with his cotton wealth built a grand stately home in the Federal style at 820 St. Louis. Boasting the only stable and working kitchen from the period, the Hermann-Grimma House is a true antique in this old city we call home.



The French Quarter’s historic streets are filled with signs of the French royals from Bourbon to Dauphine. Believe it or not the saint named streets sandwich between have their own ties to the royals. Saint Pierre or St. Peter was the patron saint of the house of Orleans, it is also the given name of one of the royal children. St. Peter is one of the original streets, dating back to the grid laid out by the pious de Pauger. This artery street runs from the river towards the lake along side the historic Cabildo.



Under the shade of the oaks at NOMA’s Sculpture Garden in New Orleans City Park, sits three brightly colored vases of red, yellow, and pink. The piece is titled “Perfect Vehicles” by the artist Allan McCollum and each is modeled after antique oriental vases. The vivid colors set against the dark backdrop of the majestic oaks, is a harmonious contrast. We enjoy the pleasant walks in the park and love taking advantage of the free sculpture garden and its unique assortment of art.



This shot of St. Louis cathedral holds in it not only the bright white iconic landmark, but the subtle charms its historic neighbors, from the Faulkner house’s bright yellow facade, to the Cabildo’s cupola peeking over the rooftops.  The iron fences around the church gardens, much like Jackson Square, are adorned with local artist’s make shift shops, which reigns true to our art and culture. The rear view of the cathedral holds with it a sense of elegance that is often seen but mostly over looked. It is a sister facade, adorned with columns supporting arches and its very own matching clock.


ST. CHARLES AUDUBON PLACEThe St.Charles Ave. streetcar line is one of the most picturesque in New Orleans. A journey which takes you whirling past some of the grandest old homes in NOLA. Here the street car passes in front of Audubon Place, which sits directly across from Audubon Park. This uptown street is lined with historic and beautiful homes surround by old oaks and lovely gardens. The Uptown area is a favorite of ours-it is the perfect blend of nature, stately historic homes, and charming shotgun houses all with access to the one of the oldest streetcar lines in the world.