New Year’s Eve a time to celebrate all that has happened in our lives this past year and look to the future. In New Orleans like so many other city’s a symbolic figure is slowly dropped to countdown the New Years arrival, for NOLA we drop a fleur de lis from atop the historic Jax brewery along the river in the french quarter.


federal fence wm

Many iron fences and balconies have scroll work inspired by a time in life. So one may guess that this fence was erected in the american sector of the city during the great struggle of the civil war. The Federal inspired eagle looks similar to our modern national symbol, and proclaims the resident’s political stance on the environment of the nation.



The Monteleone was founded by Antonio Monteleone, a Sicilian immigrant in the 1880s. The hotel has remained one of the last family owned and operated hotels in New Orleans. Not only a beautiful hotel but also filled with history. The Monteleone was named a literary landmark thanks to its many famous author guest, including Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams.


jesuit church wm

The Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church, sits on Barrone St. near the edge of the CBD in New Orleans. The church’s history can be traced back to the founding of our city. The building we see today was reconstructed in the late 1920’s. Designed in the Moorish style of architecture the original structure suffered harsh foundation damage with the construction of its modern neighbor and was carefully demolished brick by brick and rebuilt. There is nothing else like this church in the city and it is a truly one of a kind relic with a rich story.


HNOC Mantle wm

When the weather turns soggy in NOLA it is the perfect chance to visit some of the charming museums. The Historic New Orleans Collection on Royal Street occupies a once grand home brimming with history and French elegance. With its permanent collection of documents and artifacts that tell the story of our growth as a french settlement into the grand crescent city. It also boasts ever changing exhibits of artifacts from noted museums around the nation, with New Orleans connections. This little museum is one treasure we feel is worth cherishing.