DAVID STATUE wmStanding proudly at the entrance to 909 Poydras sits Enrique Alferez’s David, from the well know tale of David and Goliath. Sculpted by Alfred in the 1980s, when the artist was in his eighties, it is a wonderful testament to the notion of even though the artist hands may have been wrinkled and withered with age his talent did not fade. We love the expression on this statue’s face, and with the tall office buildings reflecting the glass we are sure he has offered fortitude to many of the business minded people passing under his pedestal on their way to a challenge of their own.


Spanish moss wm


On earth day we celebrate all things mother nature, but today is  arbor day a day to celebrate the majestic trees that fill our world.  In New Orleans our Cypress and Oaks are apart of us.  With these trees many become covered in a grayish moss hanging from each branch, this is Spanish Moss, a native to southern Louisiana.


Audubon Place wm

The historic Audubon Place Enclave, was built in the late at 1800’s. The construction began with the building of the grand iron arch that spans the only entrance to the street. In the beginning the Arch was toped with and iron lantern but sometime around 1910 the lantern and its additional iron scroll work was removed to simplify the entrance and this is how it remains today.