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We want to start this post by thanking everyone who has visited our site and enjoyed our posts.

We’re sorry we have been absent for a couple of weeks, our lives have taken us on a grand adventure. We originally started this site as a way to encapsulate all that we love about our native city within a year, because as we grew the city around us changed and little bits of its culture has been pushed by the way side. Progress is a wonderful thing but it should never sacrifice your identity.

Our hopes are to return to the site and continue our posts, but in the meantime we will keep everyone up to date on our new adventures so check back often to see our progress.

Best Regards,

Jared and Kristy




Adorning the fence of this aging uptown mansion, the patina of this scrollwork caught our eye while out for a walk. Each scroll lining the fence, in a alternating pattern, it was easy to imagine they represented rolls of parchment, the written history and stories of the once grand home it guarded.


Popp's Fountain wm

Throughout City Park there are hidden corners that give you a chance to step away from the everyday hustle and just enjoy the peaceful calm and quiet moments. This shot of Popp’s Fountain is tucked off from the main park and is just one of those peaceful spots that very few know exists.



Named after Duc de Toulouse, the brother of Duc du Maine, and son of Louis XIV and Mme de Montespan. Toulouse is one of the original 1721 streets that run the French Quarter. When it comes to pronunciation of this French street, it’s all about what you heard growing up. Some say ” Too Loo” others say ” Too loose” either way this street is a great path to take. Starting from the Mississippi, Toulouse intersects with some of the best French Quarter streets: Chartres, Royal and of course Bourbon.



tree tunnel

Driving along St. Bernard Highway you reach a stretch of land bare of homes and surrounded by fields and trees, before you lies a tunnel in this instance the tunnel is not made of stone but Majestic Live Oaks. Known by locals as the tree tunnel, one tree after the other, create a perfect shade canopy. It is a place you come across by chance, a place that is barely known but well worth the drive.


Storyland 6 23
Opened in 1956, Storyland located in New Orleans City Park has allowed generation after generation of children to step into a world of fables and fairy tales. Here you become part of the adventure with Pinocchio, swallowed up by the larger than life whale. Quickly you can jump from story to story or create your own by bringing a piece from your favorites into one. Anyone, big or small, can enjoy a journey through Storyland, we wanted to share this shot as a quick glimpse into a magical world.



magnolia bridge 6_8


Built in the late 19th century and one of the oldest existing bridges to cross over Bayou St. John, the Magnolia Bridge is a piece of hidden history in NOLA. Located near the Pitot House, the Magnolia bridge has not had a car cross it in almost 45 years. The bridge that once had streetcar tracts running its length, is now a favorite relaxation spot for nearby residents. Though it seems to have seen better days, we thoroughly enjoyed a leisurely walk across it and wanted to share.