Federal Court wm

Of the many architectural gems through out New Orleans, one of the most imposing belongs to the Federal Court complex. In the American sector of the city, this court structure is grand in design and topped with magnificent weathered bronze sculptures at the four corners. The Court of Appeals building overlooks Lafayette Square and faces head on with historic Gallier Hall.


Vent Detail wm

Tradition NOLA homes are built on piers a few feet of the ground to keep the home cool with cross ventilation. The original New Orleanians decided instead of exposing the individual piers that support the home they bricked the homes across the front and added the decorative iron vents to keep the breathability of the crawlspace. This shot of one of the many intricately detailed iron vents shows just how important style was to function.


Banque de la Louisiane wm

In the 1800’s before the building at 417 Royal in the French Quarter was a famous restaurant, it was home to the Bank of Louisiana. The building was built around 1790 as a private residence and a bank. The unique iron railings adorning the building still show the Banque de la Louisiane’s decorative scrolled initials. This building and its details are one of the many treasures that date to NOLA’s colonial period.