Botanical garden statue wm

The botanical gardens in New Orleans city park are a favorite spot for lovers of all forms of flora, but upon visiting the gardens to see what is in bloom you can find little hidden gems around every corner.  This statue title “Woman in Huipil”, by Enrique Alfrez in the early 1980s, is just one of the many hidden treasures throughout NOLA’s Botanical Gardens.


Dueling Oak wm


In 1800’s New Orleans defending you and your family’s honor meant a duel. The area that is now city park offered the perfect location, secluded from the city, duels often took place under the canopies of the ancient oaks.  The dueling oaks in city park was once a pair of oak trees favorited by duelers, only one of the trees remains today, if this tree could talk we sure it has seen its share of stories.




New Orleans’ City Park is dominated by nature, from the Ancient Live oaks to the well manicured Botanical Gardens. But within the park there are a few striking structures, one of these is the New Orleans Museum of Art. As you enter the park from Esplanade, the grand boulevard leads you  right to NOMA. We caught this shot while enjoying the beautiful weather after days of gloomy rain.