shutter holder wm


With the architectural styling of New Orleans being so heavily dictated by the local climate our homes much like those of the Caribbean rely heavily on natural air flow. One of the other many similarities is the use of shutters nearly every historic home in the french quarter is adorned with wooden shutters for each window and door. With the shutters come the hold down latches these can be very simple but in NOLA the simplest details become works of art, much like this scrolled iron shutter hold down we caught while walking through the french quarter.


Terracotta chimney wm


A mid day stroll through the French Quarter with beautiful weather can accentuate even the grittiest of details. This terra-cotta chimney pot is a common feature in the historic districts of NOLA.  Often times these adornments go unnoticed from the ground, but with the brick wall of the historic home exposed the details reveal themselves.


Soffit vent wm

New Orleans ornamental iron vents typically serve a functional purpose. But sometime the detail that goes into each piece of iron work, makes you rethink its use, turning it from the functional to the decorative. This iron soffit vent is the perfect example, once it gave much needed ventilation to the attic of a historic home it has now become a decorative element, displaying each detail.


NOLA Doorknob wm

Nola is a city filled with a type of beauty that has been brought on by age, from the Architecture to the food. But for us its not always just the notable things that hold the character of the city, it can be found in some of the most ordinary places. This photo of a traditional french quarter door seems to capture the charms that have been brought on by years of exposure to New Orleans.