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For the past year we have posted photos of New Orleans, with the hope of preserving the city that we have known our entire lives. This has given us a reason to open our eyes and see the city from a whole new perspective and learn new facts of history. We started as complete beginners and now feel our knowledge grows with each post. We hope you have enjoyed our first year and you will continue to enjoy NOLA everyday through our lense.


Alferez Fountain wmAt the corner of Victory Ave. and Roosevelt Mall in New Orleans City park, you can find another of the many works from Enrique Alferez. This fountain greets you as you make the turn towards the botanical gardens. So many of his works have become significant pieces of NOLA and they are proudly displayed throughout the city.


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At the grand Notre Dame Seminary on Carrolton Ave. in New Orleans you can find great examples of religious inspired sculptures. Like this centerpiece fountain that sits in the middle of the main circle drive. The work is called “Christ and the Samaritan Woman at Jacob’s Well” by Ivan Mestrovic, and was Dedicated on May 28, 1989 in a community honor to Archbishop Hannan.



As the WPA was working throughout New Orleans, City Park received a great number of their projects, one being Popp’s Fountain built in 1937. Once rumored to be a sacred place for a local witches’ coven and now a favorite location for romantic weddings. The fountain is grandiose, surrounded by a Corinthian circular colonnade, with two magnificent pillars framing the fountain’s entrance. Popp’s fountain is well worth a visit to discover one of City Park’s many forgotten treasures.


children fountain

New Orleans over the years has been adorned with many gifts from citizens who loved and cherished their lives in the city. In 1929 one of these gifts was dedicated not just to the city but to its children. The Sara Lavinia Hyams fountain in Audubon Park is one of those gifts and one of a pair, the other placed in City Park. After her death in 1914, Sara Hyams left her collection of jewelry to be sold and requested the proceeds go to the construction of the fountains. Through the decades since its dedication the park has neglected and let the fountain go into disrepair, but on our recent visit we discovered this marvelous treasure flowing water and on its way back to its once glorious state. This fountain was not well known to us and when we noticed its glimmering waters from as far away as Magazine St. it was like finding a hidden oasis, we hope the fountain remains in its beautiful state for further generations to enjoy.



The beautiful courtyards you see throughout New Orleans were not always used as they are today. NOLA’s courtyards were designed towards the simple and the necessary functions of the home. It was a convenient and protected place for deliveries, an extension of the kitchen to be used for some of the messier prep, a place for catching a cool breeze off of a fountain. Today these lush oasis are the center of a homes entertainment space, a place for relaxation, not work. We love sneaking peeks of these hidden courtyards and sharing them with you.