St. Patrick's Iron wm

Adding to the Gumbo of New Orleans, the city saw a large influx of Irish immigrants in the 1820s during the potato famine in Ireland. With the immigrants comes the celebration of their patron Saint. On the eve of St. Patrick’s day we wanted to share this shot of the St. Patrick’s Church in honor of the immigrants that helped create New Orleans and the traditions they brought with them.


St. Patricks wm

The first church to be established outside of the original limits of the city was St. Patrick’s. In the 1830’s the influx of Irish immigrants brought a larger catholic population than the Cathedral could support and the with the masses being held only in french the Archbishop pushed the establishment of a new parish. Built in 1840 and designed to rival the St. Louis Cathedral in grandeur, it is one of the only remaining structures of the city’s growth outwards from the French Quarter.